A day at IF Merch

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A couple weeks ago, I did a special edition t-shirt design for the annual Heavy Metal Festival here in Quebec: The Heavy MTL 2011. Today was the day they printed it at IF Merch. They were so kind and invited me to spend the day at the shop, so I had the chance to meet the staff and see all the process of screen printing from a point of view I never saw before. Thanks to everyone at IF Merch for the opportunity of seeing all the hard work involved in the production of t-shirts.

Image Folie - IF Merch: Screenprint Heavy MTL 2011

Il y a quelques semaines, j’ai réalisé un design spécial pour le Heavy Mtl 2011. Un design de t-shirt qui fut seulement disponible lors de la prévente en ligne des billets du Festival. Aujourd’hui chez IF Merch c’était la journée ou le modèle en question était imprimé. J’ai été invité à passer la journée avec eux afin de voir l’arrière scène de la sérigraphie des chandails. J’ai pu rencontrer l’équipe et voir tout le travail impliqué une fois mon illustration envoyé pour la production. Merci encore à tout l’monde chez IF Merch pour la visite.

Image Folie - IF Merch: Screenprint Heavy MTL 2011

Check out the process of the artwork right here, or some shots from my day at IF Merch right here.

Heavy MTL 2011 T-Shirt - Special Preorder Edition. Youtube Timelapse video

IF Merch screenprint Heavy MTL T-shirt - Image Folie

69 Eyes New T-Shirts

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After their last album “Back In Blood” The 69 Eyes have played 125 shows in 27 countries. But the tour ain’t over… The 69 Eyes are delighted to announce that they have teamed up with legendary Gothenburg rockers Hardcore Superstar for a double-barrelled blast around UK / Europe in Spring 2011.

I did 2 t-shirt designs for this European Tour. Only available at the concert booth but might be available online in the near future.



Decrepit Birth

700 500 Felix LaFlamme

T-Shirt available at If Merch Store:

Chandail Disponible sur la boutique If Merch: