Rayne Longboards

Rayne Longboards

Illustration I did back in June 2011 for Rayne Longboards. A young Canadian company from North Vancouver, British Colombia. To know more about the brand visit their website over there at www.raynelongboards.com. Direct link to products: Killswitch Deck

Rayne Longboards designed by Felix LaFlamme

Illustration que j’ai réalisé en Juin 2011 pour Rayne Longboards. Une jeune compagnie de North Vancouver, en Colombie Britannique. Pour en savoir plus sur Rayne Lonboards, visitez leur site web au www.raynelongboards.com. Lien direct pour le produit: Killswitch Deck

Rayne Longboards designed by Felix LaFlamme


  1. 3:41 pm-July 28, 2011

    We were nothing short of stoked working with you. You’re an incredible artist and the Killswitch has come out looking so sick. Can’t wait to do this with you again. Thank you!

  2. 3:41 pm-July 28, 2011

    wow! longboards are looking really beautiful. Specially the colorful art on the longboard decks makes the longboard simply amazing. I can’t wait to give it a try. I mostly like the one with green wheel and art on the decks. Thanks felix to share about such a great longboard company

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